Sassy Styles Online

My daughter and I started this business 8 years ago. We travel around doing gift shows. Our goal is to have you and your children looking sassy with our products! Everyone loves our merchandise and has been asking for a web site. Here it is! Hope you enjoy it!

Do You Need a Website Design that is SEO-Friendly Too?

If ‘YES’, then DigiFX Design is what you were looking for!

DigiFX Design provides you with an array of web design services that come with an attractive pricing package. We believe that price shouldn’t limit quality, and hence, we offer the most skilled and experienced of our web design professionals at your service.

The DigiFX Web Design Advantage

We offer some core benefits to our clients which help you edge out your rivals as far as competition in quality and search engine friendliness is concerned.

  • Strategic implementation of state-of-the-art technologies to help you benefit in all ways possible
  • Completely unique and exclusive web design
  • Personalization on request – classic, corporate, flashy, enigmatic – we have a long list of styles that can be incorporated into your web design
  • Compatibility on almost all browsers
  • Crisp, clear and visitor-interactive design
  • Search engine ranking oriented layout
  • Low-level pricing range to accommodate even small-scale budgets
  • 24x7 client support and after-sales services

What Do We Offer

  • Web Design – DigiFX Design is one of the leading design portals for website design development. We employ the latest techniques that outclass your rival websites and help in assisting the climb through search engine rankings. From designing the all-important logo to providing the complete layout of the website, our qualified design team comes out with all guns blazing once you have given the green signal. We offer professional web design services that can incorporate flash, ecommerce options and other web 2.0 elements without hampering the search engine optimization results. We help you acquire the best ROI on the ascertained budget and more!
  • Ecommerce Website Design – If you wish to sell your products online, albeit with much more efficiency and marketing prowess, DigiFX Design is what you need! We offer multi-purpose designs for ecommerce websites, including shopping cart functionalities, website reengineering and ecommerce integration that completely fulfills the demands for your e-business portal. We provide flexible ecommerce platforms that can be adjusted according to your business needs, providing optimal advantage as far as marketing and sales is concerned. Our knowledge and experience come together to provide you with a practical framework that keeps you ahead in the targeted niche of consumer group.
  • Flash Design – Flash based websites not only are attractive to the eye but also allow a lot more information to be condensed and incorporated into the site. DigiFX Design helps you achieve that competitive edge over others with powerfully carved out animation videos, flash presentations, online demos, home page introductions, etc. We simplify the most complicated information, allowing you to retain visitors and enhance your conversion rates. Also, for those who wish to rank high in the search engine result pages, we design ‘static’ websites, sprinkled with flash applications! This keeps you in good stead as far as SEO is concerned, albeit providing a visual aura to the site!

We also provide completely customizable services that allow you to select the services that best suit your requirements!

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