Sassy Styles Online

My daughter and I started this business 8 years ago. We travel around doing gift shows. Our goal is to have you and your children looking sassy with our products! Everyone loves our merchandise and has been asking for a web site. Here it is! Hope you enjoy it!

Here’s a lowdown on the procedure that we follow; right from the first introductory mail from the client’s end to the after-sales support we provide once the project is over.

We work on the information sent by you, and thereafter schedule a personal consultation which is free of charge. The purpose is to exchange information and check the kind of project requirements that you seek a solution to.

The Proposal
After the first consultation, we prepare a list of requirements, schedule more meetings and design a complete quote. It consists of the assumed costs and time required for your project. The scope and specifications of the project are also thoroughly mentioned in the business proposal.

Agreement Formalities
Once you have made the payment to the company account, DigiFX Design sends you an elaborate agreement. This is a formal document with or without legalese (at the discretion of the company) for you to sign on and send back.

Information and Resource Material Gathering
While detailed information and data collection is one of the mainstays of a successful design project, you can do it yourself or let our expert team handle the same for you. Our Internet marketing experts can provide search-engine friendly content and information for your site. Data and other product information can be collected from you and incorporated into the site by our experienced team of designers. We will also help you select pictures, logos, images and videos to be uploaded onto the site

The Design
We first develop a mock website design that consists of the Home page (or the Landing page) and some other inner pages of the site. This is sans actual content and only consists of professional design provided by our experts from the concerned field. The mock site is then uploaded for you to view and provide us feedback. The suggestions and recommendations are then incorporated into the website. This is then uploaded onto the private server and if you feel it needs some more tweaking, all suggestions are heartily welcomed by us. We keep modifying the website until you are 100% satisfied with our work, and till the design is deemed to be one of the most striking creations online!

Actual Development
After the mock design has been approved, we develop the complete site. Using pre-approved graphics, images, videos and animations or flash-based videos, your website is given a complete look, one which will keep those targeted consumers arriving in truckloads!

Pre-launch Testing
Before finally launching the website online, we test the website for actual errors and bugs with clinical detail. Cross-browser compatibility and quick load-times are some of the other elements that are checked during the testing of your site.

Site Launch
Following this, we finally launch the site by uploading it on our server and it goes ‘live’ to the millions of potential consumers online! Once your site is online, you can see for yourself that the new web design developed by DigiFX Design is much more effective and sales-generating than the one you had before!

Promotion and Support
We do not consider the work finished once the site has been made live. We help in continuous promotion of the website through our Internet marketing services and strong after-sales support. This makes sure that the new website brings you actual revenue from online leads, rather than just being another dandy website on the Internet with no sales whatsoever.