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My daughter and I started this business 8 years ago. We travel around doing gift shows. Our goal is to have you and your children looking sassy with our products! Everyone loves our merchandise and has been asking for a web site. Here it is! Hope you enjoy it!

Digital Media Design – A Modern Tool for a State-of-the-Art Appearance!

DigiFX Design excels in providing cost-effective design solutions that are based on the latest contemporary design technology – Digital Media Design!

We offer your website a complete upheaval as far as looks are concerned, and yet provide the most economical services available in the industry. Innovation in precisely is what we aim for! Our vast range of digital media design services offers your website high-intensity marketing edge and helps build a convincing and concrete brand identity. This, in turn, allows faster lead generation and an increased conversion rate as opposed to conventional designs.

Here is a low-down on the basic digital media design services that we offer :

  • CD/ DVD/ Interactive – The world of marketing and sales for companies have changed since the inception of the Interactive CD/ DVD ROMs. Our Interactive CD/ DVD ROMs can be run on any platform and is a great way to promote yourself or your company to the world. We shall design the content elements and applications that allow your company’s CD/ DVD become a brand identity on its own worth! Moreover, we price these Interactive digital media designs lower than the competition so that even small-scale companies can take full advantage of what is one of the most effective promotion tools available today!
  • Illustration Design – Our digital illustration services help inanimate characters come to life! It is a great way to keep attention riveted to your site or presentation. In seminars, where the attention of the audience gets diverted because of drab presentations, such digital illustration services can truly set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Superior composites and 2D/ 3D illustrations can truly help you retain one-time visitors and achieve high conversion rates.
  • DV/ Animation – Digital Videos (DV) and animation designs have become some of the most used and the most effective marketing techniques for every other corporate organization today. DigiFX Design professionally shoots, records, and develops excellent-quality Digital videos and also crafts animations according to the requirements of the client. We also help you incorporate the same DV and animations into your corporate marketing or promotion materials! Now whether it’s about presentations or display advertisements, you can rest assured about the quality and impact of both!
  • Print/ Web Design – DigiFX Design is one of the select few in the online design business that can cater to print as well as the web design requirements with equal dexterity. We develop precise and effective print design elements such as brochures, flyers, magazine covers, and even posters. Whatever you need to promote your organization through the medium of paper, we have an embellished answer!

    As far as web design is concerned, we build suave and charming website designs, customized to perfectly suit your needs! We incorporate the required text, links, image files and other elements to build a complete site. Our expertise in SEO helps us tweak the web design to allow better visibility and higher rankings of your site.

DigiFX Design helps you outshine your rivals with carefully planned and brilliantly executed digital media designs. And if you are worried about prices, we believe that quality should not be limited by high price indices. The consequence – completely affordable yet quality-wise top class services from DigiFX Design!

So if you do not wish to rue a missed chance to reach the peak of success, Contact Us here RIGHT NOW!