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My daughter and I started this business 8 years ago. We travel around doing gift shows. Our goal is to have you and your children looking sassy with our products! Everyone loves our merchandise and has been asking for a web site. Here it is! Hope you enjoy it!

Does Your Website Have Everything But Visual Allure? It is Time to Let Us Take Over!

DigiFX Design offers creative yet completely affordable graphic design solutions for clients spread across the globe!

Why Graphic Design?

Graphic Designing is one of the most popular and most effective of trends that have come up in recent times in the online industry today. With millions of portals offering their services online, the face of the company (or the design of the website) should be able to attract potential consumers and retain erstwhile ones.

However, it is not only good enough to have a quality web design available; every aspect of the company/portal should be highlighted through creative and alluring use of visual energy. This is why graphic design is so important for every enterprise, irrespective of location, size or budget concerns. From the minute logo of a company, to the large outdoor billboards, every aspect of a company’s visual representation plays an important role in influencing a potential consumer towards conversion and consequently sales!

What Do We Offer?

DigiFX Design offers a range of services that covers all your graphic design requirements, albeit within an affordable budget. Be it embellishing your company’s brand repute through corporate branding services or breaking new ground in a marketing arena which has not been explored yet, DigiFX Design is up to the mark at all times.

DigiFX Design offers these core graphic design services:

  • Corporate Branding Services – We understand that building a corporate brand, or refurbishing your brand image is vital in surviving in this stiff competitive online market. Therefore, we help you develop the most intimidating and larger-than-life corporate brand images that will bring the potential consumer group virtually to your doorstep.
  • Logo Design – Logo is the point of contact for the consumer and the company. It represents the company and what it stands for. Hence a badly designed logo, or an irrelevant one may prove disastrous for business. As the logo is present in almost all official documents of the company, the importance increases multifold. Our logo design experts provide you with an eye-catching, unique logo that has the consumer group’s attention riveted. Logos developed by us have high-retention value which allows brand loyalty and consumer retention to bolster manifold.
  • Business Card Design – Business cards are very crucial towards making an impact in official conferences, meetings, client meets, seminars and other official corporate events. We design professional, classy yet visually simple business cards that both provide the required information about the company and simultaneously confidently introduce the corporate identity of the company.
  • Outdoor and Billboard Advertising Design – Our assurances of quality and professionalism is not only limited to smaller dimensions or indoor design implementations. We also help the company build its brand identity and advertise through outdoor media. We help develop eye-catching designs that not only attract the sedentary traffic or pedestrians, but also attract the attention of motorists and passengers on the go.
  • Digital Photography – We at DigiFX Design believe in updating ourselves with each new era of designing coming of age. Our digital photography experts can do magic with photographs and implement the same in the corporate elements of the company/portal. From black and white, coloring, resizing, dynamism change and other services, DigiFX Design knows the art of incorporating photographs to enhance your brand image to the optimum.

We have a core team of experience hardened team of graphic design professionals, who have had a vast exposure working with clients with different requirements from different locations. Therefore, we understand that specializations and customization requests of our services is common. Hence you can ask for a customized quote for your company.

If you are still not convinced, check our price range. And we are sure you will be floored!
So what are you waiting for? Contact us here to place a quote RIGHT AWAY!