Sassy Styles Online

My daughter and I started this business 8 years ago. We travel around doing gift shows. Our goal is to have you and your children looking sassy with our products! Everyone loves our merchandise and has been asking for a web site. Here it is! Hope you enjoy it!

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Internet marketing is one of the most potent marketing weapons available for companies that wish to use the Internet as a platform to enhance the extent of their business. As most visitors over the Internet use search engines as a means to locate their requirements online, it is but natural that the sites that will feature on top of the search engine result pages will gather the most traffic. This is achievable only by employing various Internet marketing techniques, albeit with professional help. DigiFX Design is one of the select few web portals that offer professional Internet marketing services at completely affordable rates!

DigiFX Design provides you with the exact Internet marketing services that will prop your website up among the top elite of search engine rankings. This results in better online visibility and hence higher amount of lead generation. And as everyone knows, higher number of leads equal better conversion rates, ultimately improved sales!

What We Offer!
Here is a shortlist of the basic Internet marketing services that are provided by DigiFX Design:

  • Search Engine Marketing – It is the secret to find volumes of online targeted visitors to your site. Search engine marketing includes search engine optimization, content optimization, PPC campaigns and other services. DigiFX Design helps you employ these search engine optimization methods in a precise and advantageous way. Thus, they redirect traffic from search engines directly to your website, increasing the conversion rate of prospective clients into actual buyers.
  • Social Media Marketing – Social media marketing makes the optimal use of Web 2.0 technologies such as RSS feeds, blog promotion, social news and image/ video sharing to market your website and services to the world. We bookmark your site on social bookmarking websites, helping you gain online visibility and build a better brand image.
  • E-mail Marketing – Direct mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to provide client-to-business relation. It also allows you to connect personally with the clients, an advantage that blunts all other marketing wings as far as impact and effectiveness is concerned. We help you design the perfect mails to net that rusty consumer at absolutely affordable prices.
  • Affiliate Marketing – It is a reward-based marketing practice that allows the client to pay only when an actual conversion or potential client identification is guaranteed. Cost per action, revenue sharing, etc. are potent weapons of marketing that have come up only recently. The core team of Internet marketing experts at DigiFX Design uses their exhaustive experience and expertise to provide cost-effective affiliate marketing strategies for your website.

But the vast range of Internet marketing services is not the only advantage that we offer. These services and other comprehensive packages comprising the same are completely affordable. Small-scale companies and individuals interested in implementing Internet marketing for their websites are also welcome, as our pricing range even accommodates moderate-styled budgets.

We believe in providing a concrete measure of the ROI from our services. Our value-for-money services ensure that your website’s progress is not only on paper but also executed perfectly in the practical arena.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy a higher popularity and better sales through our strategic and well-panned Internet marketing offensive! Contact us here to place your order IMMEDIATELY!