When you use custom software, you are using a program that is designed specifically for your company's needs. You have the ability to request custom features, and it would be built to your industry standards from. Off-the-shelf software, however, may have many features that are irrelevant to your company's needs OR may not have many features that would make your company more efficient. When you use software that is designed specifically for your company's needs, you are revolutionizing the way your company operates on a day to day basis, therefore improving your bottom line. You are given the ability to maintain precise records, schedule employee tasks, share information, generate data based off of your company's statistics, and MORE. Because the software would be custom, the possibilities are endless!

Can I afford custom software?

Having custom software will allow your company to work more efficiently, save money, and make more profit faster. By using out-of-the-box software, you are slowing your company and employees down. A better question would be, "Can we afford NOT to use custom software?"

For a highly-detailed program the costs may at first seem considerable. However, when you being to see how your company is benefiting on a day-to-day basis after the installation of your software, the program will quickly begin to pay for itsself.

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